Christmas is coming! Increase Christmas sales by appealing to your customer’s five senses | The festive period is a very lucrative time for beaty salons as most of the ladies want to be pretty during Christmas Holidays, parties, and events.

This time of year, is the perfect opportunity for you to motivate your customers to visit you again and to recommend you to others.

There are also plenty of sales strategies you can implement to encourage your clients to spend more in your salon. In this article we will see how you can “take advantage” of the five senses.


To help your customers adjust quickly to your physical store make sure, that you have a well-organized layout. Don’t overdo it with the decoration! Play with the colors.

In Christmas, red is the main color. The color of creativity. Use it wisely combining it with yellow, which suggests youth and pinches of blue, which builds trust.

Let the Tv play Christmas songs in the background and create a Holiday mood! Of course, yours and your staff’s outfit must be taken care of too.

In terms of hair styles, glitter and shine are a must.


You can use Christmas treats and drinks to satisfy your visitors. You will make them feel more comfortable and appreciated during waiting time by offering free beverages and snacks.

Provide incentives! For example, with high-ticket services, gift a box of chocolates. Any pleasure and gratitude you inspire will reflect on your brand eventually.


Odors, even if barely detectible, have an impact on feelings and memories. Beauty salons have the advantage of the odors. Try using products that smell unique. Also important are the fresh flowers in your salon and don’t forget to use scented cleaning products.

Give your clients free samples of your retail products. Scented ads are another marketing tactic you can use to attract clients.


One study showed that emotional attachment increases, if customers enjoy touching an item, even with one finger.

Give your clients the opportunity to touch and smell the products you use.

Give them a long massage during washing or during mani-pedi. Urge them to touch their face, after the cleaning or their hair, after it is done.

Have samples of the products you sell or use and let them try them on.



Silence creates tension! Play Christmas music in the background to reduce the stress. Select the tone and the style, which fits your brand.

Remember! Never play the music loud or else you will annoy your customers.

You can also think of changing the way you answer the phone, or the message on your automatic machine.

You must have in mind, that beauty salons are the ideal places for the clients to relax and feel beautiful!



If you want to take advantage of Christmas to promote your business, gain more customers and create repeaters, then you must optimize their experience in your salon. You can achieve that, by appealing to as many of the five human senses as you can.

Strategic decoration, pleasing scents and textures, enjoyable audio and tasty drinks and snacks are all positive elements your customers will appreciate and will remember!


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