Salon Proactive, as you already know, has been in the beauty industry for many years and supports all businesses, as far as organization, administration, finance, labor, advertising, and promotion is concerned. Organization wise, the most frequent question we receive is about the most appropriate service time for a salon client.

Let’s take a look at the main points you have to keep in mind to get organized in order to satisfy each of your customers and get them happy.

Schedule your appointments ahead

Your appointment schedule must be consistent and organized. Book the appointments based on the duration each service needs, on the time each member of your team needs, and taking under consideration the special needs of each customer. So, you need to know in advance which service the customer requires, in order to calculate the appropriate time. Make a list of the questions you need to ask on the phone, to book the appointment.

That way you can avoid two issues. There will be no confusion about the hours of the appointments and you can avoid any delay. While at the same time, the appointments evolve one after the other in harmony, creating a positive atmosphere in your salon.

Respect your Customers

Both yours and your customer’s time is valuable. Be aware of any delays, and if someone tells you they are in a hurry.

Create clear rules for the walk-ins or for any delays either caused from you or from the customers, who have appointments.

Give your customers the needed space and time. Listen to them and pay attention to their body language.

Visits organization

Proper organization and space planning ensures profit increase.

A tool, which will help to organize time, is the client history. If we have noted down in the past, the special needs, characteristics, and behavior of our clients, then we can provide the proper service and manage our time much better and efficiently.

Quality Time

Except for the time you spend on the technical work, in the beauty services business it is necessary to spend quality time too.

During the latter, customers will relax and feel familiar with you, or the rest of the staff is very important! It can be achieved through “moments”, we have already recommended in the past.

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