Our specialization is human resource management and development, both individually and in groups. The techniques we use are based on the most up-to-date research in neuroscience and occupational psychology from universities, institutes, and research centers around the world.
Leader training in personnel management

The goal of each leader is to create a strong team identity, which will maximize the synergies of cooperation and teamwork, but also to highlight and develop the competitive advantage of each team member.

Leader Profile – Personality Test

Professional leadership and personality test for business owners. The analysis helps to diagnose the owner’s leadership style, team priorities and personality traits.

Team building

The team’s performance reaches its peak when there is a common goal and when everyone’s voice is heard. Creating a business statement, slogan, and vision for the business, strengthens team identity and technology helps to create structures where all views can be collected.

Increasing team engagement

Development of a growth mindset mentality among team members. Growth mindset compared to fixed mindset differs in a single word, the word “yet”. People with a fixed mindset will think, “I can’t do this,” and people with a growth mindset will think, “I can’t do it yet!”

Creating conditions that increase employee performance

Our common goal is to engage every employee to offer 100% of their potential to the organization. To achieve this, it is necessary to meet the five professional basic needs (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness).

Feedback and evaluation

Training leaders in assessment techniques, based on the five basic professional needs theory with emphasis on a threat avoidance mindset during the assessment.

Career path

Creating an individual professional development plan increases employee fidelity towards the organization. Use of “approach / avoidance incentive” techniques, goal setting and change management theory.

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