The salon manager is often tasked with the same responsibilities as the salon owner. Further we will analyze the importance of a person being in charge in a hair salon and why.


The salon manager, on a daily basis, has to successfully handle the scheduled appointments and tasks during the day. From the opening, till the closure of the salon.

He/she deals with the supply of the materials and products that a hair salon needs, as well as with other business activities, which will ensure the viability and the profit of the business.


Often the owners search for specific characteristics, to promote an employee to the salon manager.

Communication is the key, which will ensure the cooperation of the team members and the satisfaction of the customers through the services provided in the salon. Except for communication, that person should have organizational skills, efficient time management, a basic knowledge of finance and of course customer service skills.

Role assignment

A salon manager can be someone who has worked previously in your salon for a sufficient period of time or someone, who had a similar role and enough work experience in the past in another salon.

At the same time this person must be trusted. You can experiment by periodically testing different employees, in order to determine who will eventually be able to take on this role with responsibility.


Business Psychologist

A collaboration with a business psychologist at this point will certainly help you find the right person, who will be the ideal salon manager. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. The result will reward you.


We often believe that there are internal unsolved problems in our salon, and this is due to the wrong role allocation between the team based on their professional personality and work needs.

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