Every salon is a business. Therefore, it should have a competitive advantage, which will distinguish the businessin the market and protect it from competition.


A competitive advantage is basically the characteristic which makes a business unique in the market. It can be a specific service, a retail product, the space, the staff and many others, that will set your business apart. And this characteristic will be the reason many customers choose you over your competitors.

Color Bar

A competitive advantage for a hair salon could be the color section. Color services, as we already know, bring in a large percentage of the total turnover, so as a competitive advantage, it would serve a dual purpose.

If you have specialized hair colorists or if you are one, make sure that your customers know about that. Let them know and advertise your advantage.


For a hair salon the hairstyle is one of the most basic services. It can be repeated by your customers much more often, compared to color or cut.

Make sure that you sell this service properly and even more so, if you have an advantage about it. For example, except for the quality of the hairstyling, the advantage could be the time is spent on it in your hair salon, especially for the customer who does it every week.

But beware of the pricing though. Billing should be strictly based in time and products used.


Haircut can be profitable for your business. Its disadvantage is frequency. The customer that gets a haircut will not visit the salon often enough to renew it.

The originality of a haircut combined with the capability to bring out the unique features of each face through a haircut, could be a competitive advantage.

Show your knowledge on face metrics and take advantage of the Cut & Color philosophy.


As far as products are concerned, if this is the comparative advantage for your business, then make sure that your customers are informed through videos, photos, lives and advertising of course.


The competitive advantage of your business could be something you haven’t even realized like speed, or cleanliness, or appointment preparation, or aesthetics.

If you are not sure, then ask your customers through a survey.

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