Salonproactive was founded by Jenny Kamaradou 20 years ago and is professionally involved in the development and training of companies in the beauty services industry.

Jenny Kamaradou is an organizational psychologist and business consultant who specializes in human resource management and user experience design. Her studies are in Business Administration and in Organizational Psychology.

As a lifetime learner she is constantly receiving certifications in innovative areas of entrepreneurship such as the Certification of Neuroscience Leadership Institute, on the science of human behavior in a business context and the Certification of User Experience Design Specialist, on the research techniques and upgrade of consumer experience.

Since she has always drawn inspiration from abroad, she has long-term collaborations with consulting companies in the beauty industry in the UK and America to exchange views and best practices.

She is a subscriber to more than 25 business magazine and web news titles and attends at least 3 webinars a month on leadership, business trends and human resources. She has been an independent professional for the past 20 years and before that she worked for L’Oreal in the Kerastase marketing department for 6 years.

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