The 6 steps of how to gain repeat customers: The first rule of any business is to retain customers and build a royal relationship with them.
Repeat customers are highly profitable. But “good work” by itself is not the way to gain
repeat customers.
As it is already known, the reason that most of the customers remain faithful is not
technical. Usually, humans make the difference!
The communication, the interest in the customer’s needs, the adaptability, are some of the
characteristics, that are really important to everybody.

How can we show that we care

Mirror effect is the reflection of one’s self through the gaze of others. It can be obtained
through observing the other person, listening to his comments etc.
You have to treat everyone differently, according to each one character. You have to listen
to them and respect them. Adaptability is a sign of respect.
For example, whether your customers want to communicate with you or not, you have to
adapt to their needs. This is the best way, to show your respect. Each one is unique.
Give them, what you receive from them.

Achieve Mirror effect

To achieve it, you have to pay attention. You may simply want to smile, nod, say “Umm-
hmm”, etc., until there is an occasional opportunity to reflect the feelings of the client. As
you listen for and find instances of a client’s expression of affect, reflect these emotions by
restating what she/he is experiencing in your own words.
This way, you will make them feel unique, as they already are. Since they will feel unique,
they will be happy with your services either way. They will “forgive” any mistake and will
give you a second chance, as they will get attached to you as human. On the other hand, if
you do a perfect job, but you are not paying attention to their needs, they will never come
back, as they will never feel intimacy.

6 Steps to gain repeat customers

1. Understand them – They need to feel, that you understand their will, their needs,
their problems etc. Listen more than you talk. This way they get attached to you.
Gradually they will get close to you.
2. Advice them, give them solutions – It is important to show them, that you know
your job and that you are willing to please them. Respond to what is personal in
what’s being said, rather than to impersonal, distant or abstract material.
3. Welcome them – Everyone needs to be welcome everywhere. Smile!!!! Be Kind!!!
Kindness and good manners always win. Teach your staff to smile and be kind.
4. Make them feel important and respected – People simply love to feel important and
respected. It is a timeless classic of human nature.
5. Make them feel comfort – The environment needs to be cozy and beautiful. Also
your behavior has to show, that they are at home with a familiar person to them.
6. Reward them – When a customer arrives for the third time, make an offer!

Hair salons are synonyms to beauty. People visit you, to improve their looks and feel nice.
Beauty comes from our soul first. Make your customers feel beautiful and then make them
The best technician in the whole world, is not necessary that will have satisfied customers.
You have to treat them as they are special. After all …… they trust you.

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