A big problem that every hair salon owner faces is effective meetings and how these will not end up in a waste of timeor some internal conflict in the salon.


In this article, we will see the main points that make a meeting effective in hair salon.


The whole team should participate in every meeting regardless of the role or position one holds within the hair salon.


This actually means that the person who does the salon hair washing, and the one at the reception, should take part in the meeting, in addition to those who handles finances, marketing or hairdressers who obviously have something to talk about. It is very important to keep in mind that every single role in our team is essential and defines the image of your hair salon.


A great example here would be if the receptionist of the salon would mention in a meeting a customer’s comment at the checkout or a dissatisfaction that somebody expressed that went unnoticed. Not to mention, that they could also have recorded or observed the time required for various tasks and help you improve them.


Use time wisely

In other words, every meeting should have a clear start and end time. You can do your best so that no member have work at the salon at that time, in order to be late and you can also let them know early enough in order to schedule for the week. Of course, do not forget to pay attention to the available time that each one has during the meeting to express themselves.


In case, after that time they still feel that they have a lot to say, you could ask them to text the whole team in messengerthe main points they want to talk about. In that way, you can schedule another meeting for that topic, if need be.


Set the agenda

A certain topic to discuss in a meeting can save you a lot of time. Try to make your meetings more proactive, and not just a conversation about what went wrong. For instance, if your topic is the economic results of your salon and how they can be increased, then it is more difficult to change topic. If someone makes an off-topic remark, note it down for next time. There could be a blackboard for brainstorming and ideas to be discussed within the salon.


Take notes

Let your team know the agenda of the upcoming meeting early enough so they can prepare their notes with the main points they want to talk about. In this way, you can save a lot of time. The person in charge for the meeting can also ask questions to those who do not feel very confident to participate.


The aim of a meeting is to inspire the team to achieve more goals, to get organized, to follow procedures so that everyone in the team has the desired job satisfaction and to establish rules that are generally accepted for the smooth operation of the hair salon.

Anything that is a personal observation or that does not refer to the whole group should be mentioned in a personaldiscussion and not within the group. Also, any conflict between specific members of the group should be discussed individually. It is very important that all team members need to feel free to express their opinions, which will be respected.


Every meeting should end by dedicating the last 10 minutes to highlight the conclusion that has been reached. Accordingly, if a decision should have been made, then you need to make sure that it did towards the end. Apart from that, group meetings should end having a positive atmosphere and motivating for action. Everyone should feel that it has contributed to improving the climate and performance at work.


All in all, it is worth noting that meetings in hair salon are just as important as to any other business. They can solve problems, give ideas for progress, inspire, bring profits or reduce costs respectively and of course to bring the team members closer.


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