How well and effectively “networked” is your salon? How to get a profitable online presence? How to achieve a successful online management in hair or beauty salon that will highlight your business?

These are all questions that you have already wondered, or you should definitely start thinking. The secret of success, at least one of them, is to make each business understand its own identity.


Hair & Beauty Salon Online Management: The questions begin


To measure how well your hair or beauty salon is appreciated online you need to firstly be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Who is in your customer network? What types of customers determine the success of your organization?
  2. Who matters most? Which of these types of customs are most important to the success of your organization?
  3. What are your goals for your customer network? What are your most important objectives for each type of customer?
  4. What network technologies are your customers already using? What hardware, apps and media are they using most?


How will the hair and beauty salon online management succeed?


In order for the online management of salons to be successful, you must offer what your customers want, and which should be in line with your business. Research has shown that online customers need the following five characteristics to be implemented in the digital application of the organizations they follow in order for them to be loyal and engaged:


1. Accessible, easy to find, simple to use and available everywhere

  • Are you findable? Are you making it easy for customers to find you and incorporate you into their digital lives?
  • Are you flexible? Can customers reach you by email, text message, phone etc.?
  • Are you mobile? Can they use their phones and mobile devices to find you, learn about you and pay you?
  • Are you fast? Do you publish new content while it is fresh and current? Are you responding to customers online in a timely fashion?
  • Are you simple? As technology grows increasingly powerful and complex, are you keeping your user experience easy and friendly?


2. A source of valuable information

  • Are you creating valuable content for your customers? Who is the content aimed at? What needs does it answer for them? What problems does it solve?
  • Are you sensory and interactive? Does your content include text, images, and video? Is the content easily shared?
  • Are you authentic? Will customers who have interacted with you in person recognize your voice in your content?


3. Personalized information

  • Do you let customers choose what they hear from you?
  • Do you act as a filter for your customers? Do you make recommendations?
  • Are your products or services adaptable? Can each customer find a unique experience of his or her own?
  • Do you offer a personal choice?


4. Connection and interaction

  • Can customers find you in popular social apps and ask a question? Can they introduce you to their online friends?
  • Are you proactive and helpful? Are you responding quickly? Are you generating goodwill and positive buzz by showing that you are helpful?
  • Are you connecting to your most passionate customers?
  • Are you giving your customers a place to meet and share ideas? Are you testing products, ideas, messages to get their input?
  • Are you incorporating your customer’s voices into your own? Are the testimonies of your customers reflected in your own?


5. Collaboration with the organization

  • Do your customers feel that they are part of something larger?
  • Are you creating projects that customers can contribute to?


Online presence is now undoubtedly an extremely important part of hair and beauty salon online management. Not only because the internet is part of our daily lives, but also because in order for a business to survive, it must always be part of the evolution and not outside of it.

Here at Salon Proactive we have the means, the knowledge and the appetite to help every beauty care business grow, evolve and thrive. Proper salon online management is an area that can greatly help in this.

We are here to help you organize a digital presence that mirrors your philosophy and that responds to your clients’ needs accurately. If you have any questions, you can always contact us to solve any of your problems.