Christmas is the beginning of the most commercial period, and it is a great opportunity to boost your salon business and get some new clients. That is why, it is really important to plan your Christmas social media marketing.

Let’s see some tips for Christmas salon social media marketing

Set your goals

Don’t forget to make your goals specific and measurable. Some examples are:

  • Boost hair and beauty retail sales
  • Sell more salon gift cards
  • Get more bookings for January
  • Build your client database this December

Understand your audience

Look back to see what social content worked best for your salon in the past generally and last Christmas especially. Understanding your audience is at the core of any business growth. It’ s what drives marketing strategies to be effective.

Create your marketing plan

A marketing plan lays out your business strategy for acquiring new customers and selling more services and products. To understand why a marketing plan is important, just consider what would happen without one.

Schedule social posts weeks ahead

Create and schedule at least 80% of your December social posts during November. Don’t forget, that a solid social media schedule has to leave room for real-time updates.

Capture the magic of Christmas in your salon

You can run a Christmas competition! Do a “like and share” to enter. Or you can promote a retail, for example “buy one get one free”.

Interact. Photos are super powerful on social media. Particularly for hair and beauty. Start taking photos of your work and share away.

Promote your festive opening hours

Take a photo of your Christmas price list with the festive opening hours and share away. Encourage followers to book early, in order to find an appointment.

Be proactive

Put time aside now to take photos and forward schedule for busy December days when you won’t have time. For example, take before and after client photos.

Promote and thank your team

During December your team will work hard, so you could schedule some posts showing their work, thanking them and help them grow their customer lists!

Social media power is commendable, as you get to reach a large number of people within seconds. Take advantage of this power!

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