The role of an occupational psychologist

An occupational psychologist deals with the performance and effectiveness of people at work, whether they are employees, employers or self-employed. They can ensure that the working environment or a team can be fully functional and committed to offer their best performance. At the same time, they show the way that every working individual can get the satisfaction that they need out of their job.


An organizational psychologist knows how the human brain works in behavioral and communication science terms. Therefore, they are able to scientifically explain people’s behavior at work and the reasons for having that behavior.


Most of the times, a human being cannot realize their behavior and they do not analyze it enough in order to be able to manage it in an effective way. And that is how we end up in a vicious circle of negative emotions that might affect both us and people around us.


In other words, managing any possible threat, conflict or even dissatisfaction at work environment depends mainly on the personalities and the motivations that the salon members have, in case basic work needs are met, as well as procedures and rules are followed in the salon.


The owner of Salon Proactive Jennie Kamaradou is an Occupational Psychologist who is engaged in professional activities in Greece and abroad and focuses on hair salons or other places providing beauty & care services offering support to them.


So, in this article of Salon Proactive Blog, we are going through an example to understand the role of an Occupational Psychologist in a hair salon.


Suppose that you maintain a hair salon. You have seven people working for you, but they do not cooperate in order to be functional and get the job done on a day-to-day basis. Their conflict concerns the allocation of appointments and other hairdressing tasks (cleaning, tidying, etc.)


That does affect both you and your salon. To be more specific, you get affected because all these conflicts get in the way creating a frustrating working environment for everybody. For instance, sometimes customers may get an appointmentwith a different hairdresser than the one that they have asked for, or the distribution of new clients may not be even.


Also, other tasks of hair salon may not be evenly shared or distributed. When the necessary monitoring of the tasks is not done appropriately, then some employees might constantly avoid them. As a result, some members of the group may feel unfair, lack of team spirit and reduced prestige.


On the other hand, your clients get nervous and they do not receive quality services, which leads to dissatisfied customers not coming back to the salon. Not to mention the bad rumours or the negative reviews you will receive sooner or later, whether online or offline.

The Solution

That’s where an organisational psychologist comes in to deal with people’s interactions, interests, needs, in order to solve the problem efficiently. Let us see some points that might need changes.


Threat Diagnosis: When we feel threatened at work, we cannot produce to the best of our ability, because the dissatisfaction we feel consumes our energy.


Motivations, Needs and Personality Diagnosis: Every employee has a different personality and different work motivations. All workers have some basic job needs that need to be met at work, such as prestige, autonomy, teamwork, fairness, and safety. Knowing why an employee may feel discouraged helps us create an outline of strategy to solve the problem.


Outline of Strategy: The occupational psychologist will give you specific and scientifically proven solutions and suggestions for resolving conflicts in your salon.


All in all, an occupational psychologistWhy do i need Organisational Psychologist will solve problems in your salon once and for all and improveperformance and employee satisfaction.


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