The majority of women love dying their hair to renew themselves. Dying your hair is the new face make up. So, one of the most important statistic and financial indicator, we need to examine for every salon, is the turnover and the clientele of the coloration department. The color section in a salon is one of the most common used services and one of the most profitable sections.


For the first nine months of 2022 the average turnover of the color section increased by 18,3% compared to the same period of 2019. This raise can be a result of the increase of the visits for color, the increase of the visits for technical services or the increase of the pricelist.

After two years of lock downs due to the pandemic, people are gradually returning to their habits and a lot of women want to renew their appearance.


Coloration is a department, which shields the salon against market crisis. Color services must be offered after the proper technical training and creativity, as customers cannot do it by themselves. New coloration clientele is extremely important for the financial health of a salon.

The clientele is the name list of the customers we have served for color for a specific period, which we have set.

The Average clientele of coloration is 51% of the total female salon clientele.

That means that more than the half of the total customers choose coloration.

Coloration generally has higher prices than the other services. Combining it with controlled expenses it can be the most profitable department in a salon. Coloring leads also to increase of visits, loyalty, and advertising.

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