The power of the price list has a significant role to every business for many reasons. Everybody knows the importance of Marketing! But everybody doesn’t know that everything is Marketing! So, the price list of our business is part of our marketing too. It is not about the actual prices we charge, but it is about the presentation of our price list.

In this blog, we will see how you can turn your pricelist into a very powerful selling tool.

First impression always counts

First impressions are really important. It is an opportunity for the customer to take a look at your services and decide whether they want to go any further. Remember you get only one chance to make a good first impression!! As you are selling services and experiences to your customers, it would be much better if you replaced the “Salon price list” with the “Salon Menu”. It sounds much more inviting.

Simplicity and the use of number 9

Keep your prices round. Avoid psychological pricing. Not many of your clients will be fooled by this corny pricing technique, such as 19.99 € instead of 20.00€. Round figures are always the best.

Researches have shown that people love number 9. The marketing psychology says, that since it is one number less than the next increase in digits, the mind of the customer considers it as cheaper. So, if you want to price a service between 20 and 30 euros, select 29 euros.

Price list must have its own page in your salon website

As we said, first impression always counts!! Displaying your salon prices sets expectations, and it surely makes a strong first impression. After all everybody knows, that “you get what you pay for”.  It is really important to display the prices next to salon treatments / services. It has to be easy for the customers to find them.

Clients are far more confident about making an appointment, since they are clear in advance, about how much they will be paying.

Use your price list page to promote any free services you offer.

Consider a gender-neutral salon price list

Moving to a gender-neutral pricing, creates inclusivity and safer spaces for all clients. Basing your service menu on technique or length can be more convenient for booking and it may widen your customer base.

Generally working out your price list, take under consideration:

  • The type of service or treatment to be carried out
  • The products you will use
  • How much time the service or treatment will take

By taking this approach you will ensure that all your clients are treated equally.


Avoid jargon in your price list

Don’t assume everybody understands all the technical terms you and your team use every day. Color services is a real trap for hair salons. The average client probably doesn’t know all technical services.

Think of a clear and simple alternative, such as “Coloring services” or “Coloring Techniques”. If anyone needs more details, then they can get them directly from you.

Printed Salon price lists, are still important

First of all, it is a very good excuse for the customer to pop into your salon. A pile of price lists displayed on the reception desk gives potential customers an excuse to step through the door.

As far as it concerns your existing clients, printed price lists are a very powerful way to remind them of all the other services you provide.

Price list on the window

Last but not least, make sure, that the price list of your salon is hanging on your window. Don’t forget to put a telephone number on it and your web address.

It is a really great way to attract new clients.

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If you want to find out more about how to create a Price Lists that enhances your Marketing Plan contact us or book a free 30′ meeting.