The importance of Marketing: Marketing is one of the most important things a business can do. It can build brand awareness, increase sales, grow businesses, and engage customers.

Why is marketing so important?

  1. It Informs: It is the most effective way to communicate your value positions to your customers. Value is a measure of the benefits to your customers. So, communicate benefits and not features of your services.
  2. It equalizes: It is a less expensive game than ever before. Social media platforms and email campaigns have made marketing a cheap way to reach out to consumers. Marketing is no longer the advantage of the big companies. Smaller business can also pay attention to individual clients via various marketing platforms.
  3. It sustains: Marketing is not a “medicine”, it is “food’. Marketing is essential to sustain company’s presence. It is something, that businesses need to create and manage daily, to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers. It is not a one—time solution, it is  an ongoing strategy that helps businesses flourish.
  4. It engages: In the past face –to-face interactions were the key of engagement. Today your customers can feel engagement from distance too. You can send your customers newsletters, only to declare your presence, to make them feel engaged. All customers need to feel important, and that they relate to your business identity.

Some marketing tips for your salon

Now that we explained the importance of Marketing, let’s see some marketing tips for your salon.

  • Make a plan and stick to it

You have to be organized. Set a strategy plan every month and try to be as punctual to it as possible. Check the events of each month and take advantage of them. For example, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas etc. Think of the offers you will create for your clients or the decoration you will use etc.

  • Understand your customer

You need to know who you are talking to. Defining your target audience makes it easier to craft you message. There are three question you should ask yourself.

-Who is your target?

-What do you get asked more often by your customers?

– What are most frequent comments you get?

Whether you go digital or hand out leaflets in the street, a targeted message is likely to have bigger impact than a blanket campaign.

  • Use short subject lines

Email marketing is great for getting the word out. But remember, you are not telling the whole story. You just want the person getting the email to be interested enough and follow the calls of action.

  • Be consistent

A happy customer is a returning customer, and word of mouth is a great and free tool available to you. People trust recommendations from people they know. Make sure, that your services are always the same and perfect. There is nothing worse than inconsistent service, and if your customers know what to expect, they are likely to not only return but tell others too.


Whatever you choose for marketing, the number one important rule is not to get discouraged and to be patient.

Remember! Marketing is an ongoing strategy, which helps businesses maintain their customers, attract new ones, and grow!


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