If you are in hair and beauty salon business, then you know how important it is to get the best out of your staff, but also to keep the team happy and united. Proper performance management is one of the most important areas you have to pay attention to if you plan to increase hair or beauty salon productivity and get closer to success.

Performance Management is the continuous process of communication between the leader and the employees.

The perfect time to proceed to a few simple changes in how you manage performance in order to boost salon productivity is NOW!


3 steps to effectively manage performance and increase hair and beauty salon productivity

With a specialty at development and training of companies in the beauty services industry, Salon Proactive shares with you the most important steps you have to take for a useful performance management in hair & beauty salon or institute.


All you have to do in order to increase salon productivity is follow these 3 easy steps:


1. Review Shorter-term goals more often for your employees

During times of change a salon may find the perfect opportunity to enforce structural, policy, technological or other changes. These changes may lead to long term goal setting which due to the feeling of insecurity may not be possible at the moment.

Flexibility is more required now than ever, as it is really hard to focus on long-term goals. The reaction of businesses must be quick, due to the state which is changing constantly, and the salon productivity must be steady. Goals are and will be really important for every business. Annual goals, are not attainable during crisis.

It would be more effective to create shorter-term and specific goals, either for the teams or for each employee individually, that focus on the most important work and to review them more often. That could even mean daily. Additionally, the goals you will set must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound. The inclusion of these criteria results in a goal that is understandable and easy visualized and evaluated.

That way employees will not be confused, they will know exactly what to work on under every circumstance, and each one individually will contribute in the enhancement of salon productivity.


2. Deliver real-time feedback

Since you are setting short-term goals, the opportunity of giving feedback is smaller. Feedback is necessary, as it ensures that employees know if they are on track. One of the biggest problems with the annual review is the inherent bias due to their infrequency. Real-time feedback helps the employees release their stress and lets you capture performance feedback accurately.

The more often feedback is asked or given, the most the stress is reduced for all sides. An easy way to ask for feedback, is to ask people questions to help them reflect. For example: The leader can ask “What is going well?” or “Where did you get stuck?”, even “What might you do differently next time?”. Feedback is also important to be given to employees too.

This way the supervisors can understand what the employee is thinking. The employee on the other hand will know his/her progress, trust will be easily built, salon productivity will be normalized and a more affective coaching will be achieved.


3. Focus Rewards on Team and innovation

Rewards are creating a culture of innovation. Evaluate your employee’s current performance compare to their past performances. Recognize, that especially in these difficult times, it’s about coming together as one to win.

Generally, and especially during the crisis, you can set bonuses for the teams, that excelled or achieved a numerous of goals. You can also give special recognition to employees who were creative or found solutions to real problems.

Bonuses have to be set according to the employees will. Importantly remember that not all rewards are of equal value in the eyes of the employees. Some will appreciate the time off for example, more than pay.

Job design strategies combined with rewards is the most effective way of motivation. Help them develop themselves and learn new skills, in order to become the masters of their work. This way the total salon productivity will be able to increase by everyone and in every direction.

The connection between innovation and success is clear and by understanding what motivates your people you can structure bonus programs to drive the innovation needed in your business.


The key to increasing hair and beauty salon productivity during a crisis is to successfully manage employee performance.

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