How important is organization for a hair salon or beauty salon?

The intense flow of work daily within a hair salon often leaves organization behind. But we must ask ourselves how important it is for our work. The internal efficiency, atmosphere, ambiance and teamwork inside the salon is critical in order to offer a high level of customer experience.

Employees Relations

Lack of organization often leads to conflicts between employees. These usually concern the responsibility of keeping the salon clean and tidy.

The main reason these conflicts are created is time pressure and lack of procedures. For example, a hairdresser who is occupied with a customer may realize that there is lack of a product needed or cannot find a tool such as brushes, or that the space needed is not clean, so the customer cannot be served properly.

In addition, a lack of procedures and rules leads to the feeling of injustice in terms of responsibility allocation. This creates a threat environment at work.


When there is organization in a salon, then efficiency and fairness increase dramatically. In other words, eachemployee can follow the procedures and rules without feeling unjust.

Rules and procedures are the “When…then…” of each salon. For example, when I have time between appointments, I “walk” round the salon to tidy up and clean whatever needs cleaning. When I perform a coloration technique, right after I wash the bowl. All the “when…. then….” of the salon create a sense of fairness among the team and provide better service to the customers.

Salon atmosphere

A well-organized, but also clean hair salon certainly has a pleasant atmosphere for every client or everyvisitor. Therefore, the organization, beyond a functional role, is also a part of marketing, if we can put it that way. That means, that it can both push away clients or convert new clients to loyal clients.


Perhaps some salon owners believe that organization does not comes first, but this is not true. Organization is the number one for every business.

How much emphasis do you place in the organization, procedures and rules of your salon?

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