One of the most frequent questions we have been asked is why every organized salon needs to invest in a software program so that they can record and track the financial and statistical data of their business and their clients.

The answer is quite simple. It is a tool, which gives you the capability to develop your business and helps you with the management. Below we will look at some of these advantages, but keep in mind, that every software has different features and support packages that come with them.

Let’s see what are the critical points that you need to consider in order to decide which is the most suitable program for you among all the available in the market.

Complexity and ease of use

The software should make you feel supported both in your work and in learning or attending it. A successful program makes its user (regardless of technical familiarity) feel confident in learning it.

Educational and technical support

Make sure, that there is a structured learning plan for the members of your team, who will be using it and a clear annual support fee. Feel free to ask and negotiate on anything else you think it will be necessary or helpful in your transition to the new software.

A typical example would be to include in your contract the installation on more than one device, that your staff use easier (e.g. tablet etc). At the same time, you can request to include the entire team in the training seminar without exceptions and also to get as many lessons or sessions needed until everyone will be familiar with it.

Export Statistical Results & Reporting

Most programs have similar data analysis capabilities. There are some, that give you “indicators” with fancy names and make you wonder whether they are useful and why. Experience has shown that in practice a very small part is used due to lack of organization or lack of time for the staff to enter the appropriate data in the software.

Therefor you should buy the program, which seems understandable, easy to use and gives you confidence in its operation. Do not rely on impressive diagrams and names.

You can learn more about the financial indicators, you need to keep watching and which financials to focus on in Salon Proactive’s Financial Seminars. Contact us for more information and to book.

Buy & Rent Management Plan

Many suppliers offer the option of renting the management software before purchasing, which facilitates testing and it is low cost. Therefore, we recommend that you rent a month-to- month management plan at first. This way you will know if it is useful and functional. After a few months and after you will be sure, that it is the most suitable for you, you can proceed to the purchase.

Remember, that a company which is confident about its product, will no object to such a proposal. After all, keep in mind that most suppliers deduct the amount of month-to-month rentals from the cost of the final purchase.

Organizing Data & communicating with clients

The management software you will choose should provide you with solutions to communicate with customers. In other words to be able to send sms or e-mails to your registered clients through it, to organize a reward program with points, to send birthday wishes etc.

We remain at your disposal for a free consultation session for the needs of your own business. Contact us! In addition, you can browse our blog and find other interesting articles that will help you manage your staff and salon.


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