Do not be afraid of changes or periods of disruption. They may hide great opportunities for your hair and beauty salon.

How should you respond in times of multiple changes?

Don’t worry. There is a solution, it is easily customizable and works for any beauty salon.

Experts say that times of great change should be opportunities to help organizations form new habits. It is normal to worry about whether the team or the clientele has had too much change occurring in their lives.  However, scientific research in the field of neuroscience shows that when life and the structures around it are changing, that is a time to form new habits, to change how you are doing things.

Beauty institute or hair salon? For every beauty salon, the opportunities, the ideas, the new habits, are there.

Habits are so contextualized, that when you are in a new context and things around you are shifting, there is a window of opportunity to create new habits and create multiple moving parts at the same time. Leaders should not focus on changing employee habits, but rather on helping them form new ones. It is awfully hard for the brain to break old habits. It is though easy for the brain to generate new ones.

Give your hair & beauty salon the evolution it needs. Focus on creating experiences where people have a strong moment of insight about the need for the habit; this can be facilitated by a learning session or more informally through pointed questions, conversations, or group talks. When such insights are conveyed in social settings—where there’s strong, positive social environment—individuals are more likely to store it in a more robust memory network to access later. In addition, when someone has had an insight about change, he/she will own up to it and that creates higher chances of sticking with the change.

Changes in habits, inventing them and applying them to your daily requirements and ambitious goals, require perseverance and patience. Do not give up your new habits early, before you get to see the result. Give yourself, your team and your business time to respond and assimilate properly. That is why it is also important to focus on building one habit at a time—over time.

With this approach, everyone can tap into something our brain is good at, creating new habits.

2021 seems like the perfect year for change implementation. Such opportunities should not be overlooked as they do not come very often. Creating the salon of your dreams is now a possibility!


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