A very frequent question we, at Salon Proactive, are asked is about Happy Hour. What is it, how is it applied, if they should do it too, if it is profitable and how can they benefit from it?

Let’s see your questions and everything that interests you around it.

What is Happy Hour?

Happy hour reflects a period of time, in which a store’s services or products are offered at a reduced price.

In the beginning it started taking place in café-bars and restaurants, during the hours of the day, when there were hardly any customers. Now, it has also spread to other businesses and it has also dynamically penetrated the Greek market for several years.

Happy Hour in the Salon

Happy Hour is taking place in several beauty places such as hair and nails salons. Of course, it has been adapted to each business, so that it is valid for an entire day, when the store may not have enough customers.

Let’s see a typical example of some hair salons. Every Tuesday or Wednesday they have a certain discount on all their services, e.g. 15-20%. An alternative is a specific offer package on certain days. For example every Wednesday a set of hair-  manicure- pedicure services at a determined price that you will set and will be a lure for your customers.

Is Happy Hour suitable for your Beauty Salon?

Happy Hour is not a panacea for any business. Research and evaluation of your business and your financials are necessary for to find out whether it is appropriate for you.

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Some indications are:

  • The consistently low influx of customers on certain days and times of week.
  • The under-functioning of certain departments of your business, such as nail bar
  • The requirement of immediate raise of the turnover
  • The low turnover by employee

How can your business benefit from Happy Hour?

Certainly, an immediate benefit is the increase of the turnover through Happy Hour. But you can benefit from it in other ways too.

As we said before, Happy Hour can be a measure to immediate increase the turnover. It has been proven that, for most businesses, it has raised the turnover 25-35% per hour. And in fact you have the possibility to define the time yourself.

Next, the coverage of operating and staff costs during the days and hours there are no customers. Even if you don’t have the impact you expect at first, it will definitely cover these costs.

And of course, Happy Hour is another way for marketing and advertising your Beauty Salon. It serves, in particular, to attract new customers and, in case of renovation or change of space or location of your business, to add new services.

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