Today, two years after the pandemic has started, salon owners still face a big problem, which is the difficulty of finding personnel for their salon, especially younger people.


In this article, we discuss and find out the reasons and the solutions to tackle with the issue.


New Generation

The new generation is very demanding concerning their rights at work. They prioritize their employment rights such as work shifts, work experience, employee leaves and minimum wage. They do not hesitate to ask for help from the accountant. On the contrary, the owners of the hair salons are usually older than the former and having lived through tough times, during which in order to get work experience they might have worked without insurance, without fixed working hours, or even bad working conditions. In other words, they don’t understand why when they offer a job, younger people do not respond or come for an interview before ensuring their rights and wage.


Job opportunities and flexibility for Younger People

Whether younger people have recently graduated or looking to gain work experience while still studying, they greatly appreciate the flexible working hours that a freelance job can provide. A type of job that would offer that is providing hairdressing services at home to people they know. Although, they might not be able to get a full salary or even employment insurance, they seem to find it is worth it because they have a better work life balance.


How should the salon owner deal with it?


Reaching out to Younger People

At first, a good practice for a salon owner to approach younger people is to focus where they are. To be more precise, placing an ad for hiring needs to be placed to more than one places, besides outside their hair salon. Great places would be social media, as well as online platforms, available for posting jobs. Another way is to contact hairdressing schools directly for possible internships.



Employee Incentives

When younger hairdressers are able to find a job somewhere else with more money and flexible working hours, a salon owner or employer should find incentives to approach them. Such incentives can be the friendly working environment within the company, flexibility in working shifts, part-time job offer, continuous training and paid seminars.


Open to discussion

While other salon owners are inflexible in working hours and shifts, the one who is more open-minded and open to discussion will be chosen from younger people. Some of the basic needs of younger employees are equity and autonomy. The salon owner who will manage to offer those will be the perfect employer for them.


Attractive package

Besides financial incentives, flexibility and any other advantages employers have or can offer to their employees, they first need to get younger employees to come in for an interview. More specifically, the younger generation extensively uses the internet. This means that even if they offer a nice work environment at the hair salon, it is essential to show all that in their website, as well as the company’s social media. In the latter, they can show their hair salon, their team members, but also the wide clientele, the techniques and hair trends they follow. So, if someone looking for your hair salon after posting your job offer finds it attractive, then the chances of contacting you and coming for an interview are going up.

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