Adjusting Consumer Experience in the Hair and Beauty Salon, due to Covid-19.

Why does a woman book an appointment at a hair, nail, or beauty salon? You would think, “to do her hair, her nails or have a facial or body treatment”, and you would be correct of course. But is that all she looks forward to?

When a woman has completed a visit to a salon, she feels beautiful, refreshed, and rejuvenated. She feels dynamic, independent, and autonomous. Her emotional and social wellbeing is enhanced, she is happy and in good spirits. Hormones such as serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine are released offering feeling of empowerment, happiness, wellbeing, and relatedness. Does a woman look forward to all these extra benefits? Of course, she does!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, as consumers we have limited our interactions with the marketplace, we have decreased the frequency in which we have gatherings with friends and family, and we have almost stopped traveling altogether. The result is less exposure to events and experiences in our life that offer emotional wellbeing and balance.

Could it be that the increased status, the enhanced relatedness and the boosted self confidence and autonomy that a visit to our salon offers, is more important than the actual service, these days? Should salon owners and teams adjust their customer experience and emphasize the experience and not the actual service?


Tips and Ideas toward that direction:

  1. Stop asking “How do you like your hair, nails etc.”, and ask “How do you feel?” or “Did you feel safe in our salon?”. By actually “admitting” to a statement our brain works towards owning it and consciously accepting it as a fact.


  1. Enhance and promote services and products that help increase wellness and euphoria. Relaxation techniques help to reduce cortisol, which is a stress hormone, and which is at high levels during this period of our lives due to the insecurity and uncertainty that we are experiencing.


  1. Organize your customer relationship management so that you exceed her expectations. It is scientifically proven that when our expectations are exceeded, our memory of the event linked with the experience is stronger and long lasting. Techniques of appointment preparation and email marketing can help work towards that direction.

Try to create a trend in your beauty salon advocating the “Do it for you” and “I look good, I feel good” notions.


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