Can the Professional Beauty Industry prove that face to face communication is a precious human need?

Although it is impossible to book a zoom meeting for a haircut or get your nails done via email, many consumers have substituted their hair and beauty salon visits with self-treatments at home or with home service by professional freelancers.

Professionals in the beauty industry have been hard hit by this new trend, seeing more and more of their clients preferring to opt for “stay home” solutions than visit the store.

There is a lot of skepticism about what their behavior will look like after the pandemic subsides.

Will they return to the salon or will they get used to home service or self-care?

For the hair and beauty salon owners it is not a matter of adjusting to new technological driven services or working from home!

They need to fight for their clientele and financial survival. But do they maybe have a strong advantage we are not aware of yet?


Could the social interaction and the sense of relatedness a salon visit offers, be a precious consumer need in the future?

Remembering social things comparing to remembering nonsocial things happens differently in the brain. Separate regions are involved and that shows how social our brain is. Social information is prioritized and made easy to process.

When something is social it tends to also be emotional, so the amygdala and the hippocampus are also involved. Emotional (social) memory sends a signal to the amygdala and the hippocampus but also other regions that lead to hormone release.

What is fascinating is that there is a default mode network in the brain. When we leave our brain at rest there is a network that seems to come online. Those parts are very social parts of the brain, which is more evidence of social prioritization.

Areas that help us sort out our social world, thinking about our self and others. These parts of the brain are alert before we even realize it. A big part of our brain processing prioritizes social understanding. Also, when our brain wonders we think about ourselves and others and the relations.

So if most professions switch to online communication and service, and if social interaction is proven to be such a high priority for our wellbeing and mental survival, could it be that the professional beauty services industry is recognized for offering precious and rare customer need services in the future?


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