A lot of people turn to the internet to find a salon, although there are some around their neighborhood. Let’s see some ways to tempt local clients away from the competition and into your salon.

Engage with local community in social media

Be active on local Facebook groups. Comment the posts and join the conversations. Show a genuine interest in what’s happening in your community and share information about your salon products and services, only if you are asked for it or if it is relevant to a conversation. Always use a location tag when posting on social media.

Get a Google Business Profile

Make sure your business profile on google is complete and always up to date. Add images and videos and encourage hair and beauty clients to leave reviews. The more reviews you get, the better your Google ranking will be and this way new local clients will find out about your salon.

Always respond to positive reviews, even if it is sent by email directly to you. Deal quickly and efficiently with negative comments by offering an apology and a solution. After your initial online response, always take the discussion offline.

Ensure recommendations from your clients

Recommendations are extremely important for any business. You must ensure, that you will be recommended, so that new local clients will see the reviews, as well. Some ways to achieve that are:

  • Personally ask selected clients to refer a friend. Encourage your team to do it too.
  • Create a “recommend a friend” card or website, which can be used by all your team to pass on to selected clients.
  • Publicize your “recommend a friend” website on social media, on your official website or via email.

Connect to local influencers

Once you have found one or two local influencers to target, offer a free hair service or beauty treatment at your salon, in return for recommendation or a write-up post. You can also send them free samples of your retail products, to try them and review. It also would be effective to work with the influencers to educate and inform their readers about hair and beauty products and services. Last consider offering a limited time discount code for new salon clients, probably local clients, via the local influencers.

Work with other local businesses

At first, do a little research so you can focus on local businesses, that have the same target audience of local clientsas your salon. Next meet up with potential partners. Invite them along to your salon and offer them a hair treatment to experience before they recommend you. You can also promote each other’s business on your websites and social media.


Make it your marketing mission to get local people into your salon and then show them why they have made such a great decision. Most of the times local clients are loyal clients.


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